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Grammy-nominated gospel singer's lost dog back by his side

Bailey found Bailey found
Woods and Bailey Woods and Bailey

A Grammy-nominated gospel singer's best friend has been found thanks in part to a story about his plight airing on KCTV5.

DeWayne Woods said a woman walking her dog in Independence found his beloved dog still in her carrier after she was stolen from his vehicle.

The woman who found Bailey had seen the story about Bailey's plight on KCTV5. She contacted Independence police, who put the woman in touch with Woods.

"Bailey is just fine and sleeping at my side right now. I am so grateful and thankful to God for this amazing miracle!!" Woods wrote on KCTV5's Facebook page.

Woods' dog is a teacup Yorkshire that traveled with the singer from Atlanta over the weekend.

Woods is in Kansas City to help run the music department at Victorious Life Church. During his visit, someone stole his dog out of his car.

"I woke up this morning, and the first thing I saw was her leash. I just thought that it was a nightmare," Woods said on Monday.

Woods said he left her sleeping in the car as he grabbed a quick lunch Sunday afternoon.

He said she was in her travel case outside an Independence Cracker Barrel restaurant when someone smashed the car window and snatched Bailey.

"Came back out and she was gone," Woods said. "We parked right up under the camera system in broad daylight. We thought everything was going to be OK."

However, it wasn't.

One theory is someone broke into the vehicle thinking Bailey's carrier was a purse, and the thief abandoned the dog in a nearby park upon realizing it was a dog and her carrier.

The woman who found Bailey told Woods that she could tell the dog had been loved and well cared for, and that she prayed she could find the owner. Once she saw the broadcast and they were able to connect, she screamed, "I've got your baby!"

"I am so thankful, so grateful that she brought Bailey home. Bailey is home!" he said while cuddling the tiny fur baby.

Woods is also a national spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). His love for animals runs deep.

"It's like losing a child, it really is," Woods said on Monday.

He pleaded for help and was overjoyed by the response.

"I just want people to help me find her. If they've seen anything, if they've heard anything, please, please, please help me find Bailey and bring her back to me," Woods implored.

The teacup Yorkshire is silver, black and tan and weighs about six pounds. She has a short haircut right now, as she's being treated for a couple of medical issues.

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