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WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - November 19, 2013: Bluegrass Pipeline

By Bill Lawson
Director of Corporate Development, Williams

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Bluegrass Pipeline is an exciting new opportunity for Kentucky.

The pipeline will take American natural gas liquids from the Northeastern US to manufacturers along the route and to those on the Gulf Coast that make many of the products we rely on every day.

Kentucky's role is helping move homegrown American energy to create American jobs. The two questions we get most about the project are - will this benefit Kentucky, and is this pipeline safe? The answers are yes, and yes. 

First, the benefits:  

  • More than 1,500 construction jobs created right here in Kentucky. 
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in additional tax revenue over time.  
  • Enhanced ability to attract new industries and jobs. 

And, Kentucky remains a strong part of the solution to reducing America's reliance on foreign energy. We are proud to be partnering with landowners in Kentucky to make all of this a reality.

Pipelines are certainly not new to the commonwealth. In fact, there are already 12,000 miles of pipeline in Kentucky. We are adding less than 200 miles to what's already here. 

We're doing this because moving natural gas liquids via pipeline has proven to be the safest and most efficient way of transporting these fuels to markets around the country.   

Thank you for listening. Visit BluegrassPipeline.com to learn more.

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