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Prospect looks for ways to deal with deer abundance

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Rob Bowling Rob Bowling
Bill Brab Bill Brab

PROSPECT, KY (WAVE) - There's no doubt Prospect is filled with deer. Feasting on landowners' flowers and vegetables and traveling through neighborhood has become normal. However, some residents say the overpopulation has become too much and has become a safety hazard for drivers.

Prospect currently has an ordinance prohibiting the use of firearms or bows and arrows in city limits, excluding law enforcement. New state constitution says cities can no longer prohibit it.

"The state passed a constitutional amendment that said we no longer have the right to regulate or prohibit hunting and currently we do that we regulate and prohibit," Prospect Councilman Rob Bowling said.

Prospect is seeking the Attorney General's advice on if they are out of compliance, and if they are, how could they best comply. If changed some feel that would allow hunting deer in Prospect. Some want it; some don't, for fear of arrows or bullets hitting them or their homes.

At night and dusk the deer especially like to gather around the roads. When one crosses, there are usually more behind.

Bowling said Prospect is "the highest zip code in the county as far as deer collisions."

"Two friends of mine in the last month have hit deer, have jumped out of nowhere," said Councilman Bill Brab.

Brab said the council would never make a sudden change to their ordinance. They're consulting with the AG office to see if they're in compliance with the constitutional amendment and if they are not, what they can do. Prospect city officials are also analyzing every detail and asking several experts, including Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. Regardless of the AG's response or the future of Prospect's ordinance, Brab said the owner will not lose power.

"It is still up to the individual property owner to decide whether there will be hunting or not."

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