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Birmingham mom says Facebook took down her breastfeeding photo

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A group of people nationwide are using a Facebook page called, "Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding is Not Obscene," to persuade the social media site to change its stance on breastfeeding pictures.

It was started by supporters of breastfeeding and serves as an online petition to get Facebook to change its rules about pictures showing mothers breastfeeding. Facebook doesn't allow those pictures under certain circumstances and will remove them.

But on the page mothers are encouraged to post their breastfeeding pictures anyway, just to make a statement and to try and normalize the image of breastfeeding.

Now, a Birmingham mom says that her picture was taken down.

"The more people see breastfeeding moms, the more normal it'll become," Dana Gale said.

Gale breastfed both of her children and has joined in a fight against Facebook.

To show support of breastfeeding mothers, a while back she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding and made it her profile picture.

"I got a little note from Facebook saying this photo was tagged as obscene. We're letting you know we deleted it," Gale said.

Gale is one of many asking Facebook why it labels pictures of babies nursing obscene.

The group's page has more than eight thousand members. The group also started a petition to get Facebook to allow all breastfeeding pictures.

"I think it's ridiculous that Facebook would ban a picture of an infant or baby getting nourishment, and show a photo of a woman in a bikini so small they show more skin," Gale said.

Some say they with agree with Facebook's policy.

"I had three kids. Two out of three are breastfed. I don't like to do it in public, I probably would never take a picture of it. So it's just one of those private matters," Leigh Rushton said.

"Should keep that to yourself. There's no reason to put it on Facebook," Ryan Smith said.

But supporters on Facebook say nursing moms are everywhere and have a right to show their nursing pictures. Gale hopes Facebook gets that message.

"Normalize breastfeeding. It's not something to be scared of. It's not obscene. It's not sexual. It's just natural, it's normal. Hopefully the petition will work," Gale said.

On the Facebook group page people are expressing their frustrations about the issue and they're also making a statement by posting their breastfeeding pictures anyway.

One woman on the page posted that she started a Twitter movement to allow breastfeeding photos on social media.

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