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Disturbing knockout game gaining popularity

If you thought you saw it all with teen flight clubs popping up here in the Valley, think again. A disturbing new trend has already hit several cities including London and New York City - the knockout game, where people punch strangers right in the head to knock them out. 

The victims are typically just walking along minding their own business, when they're knocked to the ground. And while local law enforcement said they don't have reports of this here yet, at least one person has already died on the east coast. 

"It's just kind of crazy and gross, and I hope it doesn't come to Phoenix," said Corey Shepherd. "I hope it doesn't catch on anywhere else and I think it's just kind of stupid."

People are walking up to complete strangers on the street and trying to knock them out cold with one punch. 

"People like to take their anger out on other people so they think it'll make them feel better, but in reality it's hurting innocent people," said Tina Shelstrom.

One man reportedly died after getting hit in New Jersey by a couple of teenage boys. The boys were arrested after getting caught on surveillance tape.

"They're not tying to show their courage, they're trying to show their strength. Watch what I can do, watch what level of damage I can inflict," said psychologist Troy Melendez, who works with teens and adolescents and says this type of behavior is often considered a "right of passage," especially for young men. 

"They're now an adult, a man, someone to be reckoned with, someone to be afraid of, and I think our society holds that up as valuable," Melendez said.

He added we are also becoming more and more desensitized to this type of violence. 

"Those of us in our 30s, 40s, 50s, we didn't have YouTube, we didn't see this," Melendez said.

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