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Police: Man dressed as poodle set on fire by friend

The poodle costume The poodle costume
Bandages cover the hand of the victim. Bandages cover the hand of the victim.
Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Police say one man lit his friend's poodle Halloween costume on fire while he was wearing it. The victim suffered serious first and second degree burns.

A warrant for the friend's arrest was issued on Wednesday despite the victim not wanting to press charges.

"It was a joke that just went completely wrong on so many levels," said the victim, who doesn't want his identity known.

He is still recovering from a Halloween get together back on November 1 in Jeffersonville. The 26 year old made his own costume. He dressed up as a poodle with dozens of cotton balls as the fur.

"I had been there for about an hour and went inside to go say hi to a friend and I turned to go to the bathroom and the next thing I knew my costume was in flames," he said.

In a matter of seconds he was severely burned on his hand, wrist, hips, back and legs. "The initial pain is just excruciating."

He then realized his longtime friend, Alexander Kirk, 27, held a lighter to the cotton balls. Friends took him to the hospital and Kirk remained by his side.

"I know that Alex would never intentionally want to harm me," the victim said.

While this victim says he never planned on pressing charges, police were called to investigate by the hospital staff.

"I don't think this is an issue that's going to be resolved by anybody going to jail," he said.

Kirk told police he had been drinking and was just messing around. He said he didn't' think the entire costume would ignite so quickly.

"Although this was a prank and nobody had any intent that anybody get hurt, you just can't go and set somebody on fire," said Jeremy Mull, the Clark County chief deputy prosecutor.

Kirk is charged with criminal recklessness, a Class D felony.

"Fire is one of the worst and most destructive forms of injury you can inflict on someone and to intentionally light that person on fire, even as a prank or as fun is just something that is criminal behavior there's no question," said Mull.

A warrant has been issued for Kirk's arrest, but he has not been picked up for the charge as of yet.

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