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Doctors say new coffee study inconclusive

Customers select their beverage of choice at Sunrise Coffee House in Las Vegas. (Elizabeth Watts/FOX5) Customers select their beverage of choice at Sunrise Coffee House in Las Vegas. (Elizabeth Watts/FOX5)

Your morning pick-me-up might be doing more than getting you through the first few hours of your day.

A study out of Japan shows coffee can promote cardiovascular health. While coffee drinkers are excited about the news, doctors say don't fill your cup to the rim just yet.

"If I want to go for a run or something, it gives an energy boost," coffee drinker Richard Jensen said.

"I use it before workouts. I don't go a day without it. Sometimes I have too much and get a little jittery – I always feel it in my fingers," barista Mary Watson said.

The study indicates caffeinated coffee may help boost blood flow. Researchers asked 27 adults who don't normally drink coffee to have a cup. They reported a 30-percent increase in blood flow to their fingers.

Dr. Jasper Liu with HealthCare Partners Nevada said there are too many conflicting studies on caffeine to take the study too seriously at this point.

The Japanese researchers went so far as to claim the study could lead to new treatment strategies for cardiovascular diseases.

Liu said the study is interesting, but the sample it used was too small to draw those conclusions. He said cardiac patients need to be careful with caffeine.

"Caffeine for people who have cardiac disease is something to be more cautious with. It will cause your faster heart rate and can, in high doses, raise your blood pressure a little bit," he said.

Liu said it's still preferable to get caffeine from coffee rather than soda because soda is associated with other health risks.

The study was presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions cardiovascular meeting in Dallas.

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