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WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - November 21, 2013: Health and Wellness

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By Dr. Laquandra Nesbitt
Louisville Metro Health Director

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We used to think of the health department as a place to go get vaccinations or be tested for sexually transmitted disease or be treated if you didn't have insurance or a regular doctor. But public health is so much more.

When somebody is murdered or commits suicide, that's a public health issue. Public health brings a strong problem-solving approach to violence prevention and reduction.

It's an approach that's worked well in the areas of safe water and air, childhood immunizations, and prenatal care. It's an approach that has increased the average American life span by more than thirty years.

This approach involves applying the principles of epidemiology. It involves focusing on the health effects, characteristics, and root causes of violence in a well-defined population. Our goal is to make every neighborhood in Louisville safe.

It's the job of public health to make sure that we all have the best chance to lead a long and healthy life. That's what we're doing at Metro Public Health and Wellness.

Check us out. Visit www.louisvilleky.gov/health or call 574-6520.

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