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Murfreesboro PD rolls out unmarked cars to combat dangerous driving


Murfreesboro police are making a new push to catch drivers who are doing dangerous things behind the wheel. Their disguised weapon will be hiding in plain sight, all in an effort to save lives.

The new aggressive driving unit will soon send unmarked police cars out on the streets in hopes of preventing crashes and traffic-related fatalities.

"Move over law, following too close, speeding, distracted driving - that would be texting while driving - failing to yield and noise violators," said Officer Sean Martin.

Officials said it's hard for officers to actually catch someone while in the act of texting and driving, but with state-of-the-art video equipment, folks texting behind the wheel may have met their match.

"With these unmarked cars, we can actually pull up next to them and capture the violation on audio and video, make the stop and issue a citation," Martin said.

Authorities said if drivers are worried about police impersonators, there is no need to be. The word "police" will light up once the cars' blue lights are activated.

"If you're still not sure whether you are being stopped by police, stop in a well-lit area, such as a gas station or restaurant," said Murfreesboro police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans. "If you're still not sure, you can call 911 to make sure you're being stopped by a real officer."

Police gave Channel 4 News the OK to show one unmarked unit, but there will be others hitting the streets that could look just like the cars in your driveway.

"There are going to be other units that are going to be different colors, and we can be where, at a moment's notice, we can be right there behind them, and before they notice the lights are going to be light up on them," Martin said.

"This is another part of our goal of creating a better quality of life for our residents and visitors," said Chief Glenn Chrisman. "This new initiative will help reduce dangerous driving behavior and will contribute towards the goal of improving safety on Murfreesboro roadways."

The aggressive driving unit will officially begin Dec. 3.

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