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China Grove Police in a hairy situation over something they aren't doing


It's not the usual buttoned up and proper look that you see from most police officers.  In fact, in the Rowan County town of China Grove things have gotten a little hairy when it comes to law enforcement.

But there's something really good behind the new growth. It's a little like Duck Dynasty meets Cops.

"We've heard it all," Officer Reese Helms told WBTV.  "From 'it's a really good idea' to 'you can't write me a ticket you're not a real police officer you have a beard.'"

But the China Grove officers on the street that are sporting whiskers are real officers, and the beards are there to show they care about the community.

"You grow your mustache for men's health basically, to raise awareness for men's health and for cancer research," Helms added.

Officer Helms came up with the idea, and he got the full support of the town and Chief Eddie Kluttz, though the chief admits he can't wait for December 1 when the razors will be back on the job.

Some officers who can't grow facial hair for obvious reasons, support their brothers in beards and blue.

"I do think it's a fantastic cause and I'm really proud of the guys for participating in it," said Sgt. Nena Stillwell.

In the meantime they'll keep taking donations for the Movember Foundation on behalf of men's health.

"There is not a single person that I can find that can't relate to cancer on some level and when you start telling people that that's what we're doing this for, they open up to you they want to tell you their story," Helms said. "They also at times want to donate, it's been good, it's been a good connection with community that we've gotten here."

There have been a few challenges with this new look but when it comes to raising awareness, Officer Helms says it's been a success.

"Who can grow the biggest beard, who made it through the itchy weeks, and it's been a lot of fun, I'm hoping we can do it next year."

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