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Clark County makes crime info available on your phone

Sheriff Danny Rodden Sheriff Danny Rodden

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A local sheriff's office making sure you have the all information out there to protect your family and it is putting it at your fingertips.

Some of us would be amazed at the amount of information we already have access to thanks to public records laws. However, you have to know how to find it. The Clark County Sheriff's Office is making that as easy as picking up your phone. 

Sheriff Danny Rodden knows in the scheme of things seven years isn't all that long, but when you're measuring advances in technology against time, seven years is an eternity. 

"To think we would have something on a phone, I mean … I didn't even know one of these when I got to be sheriff," Rodden said. "We had the flip phones and that was it but we've come an amazing long way." 

So the latest step the Clark County sheriff is taking, an app called Mobile Patrol, truly seems like a leap forward. 

"I try to be pretty open about what goes on to the community and of course we want the people to know the dangers and to keep themselves safe and those kind of things," Rodden said. 

Through Mobile Patrol, Clark County residents can find out who's locked up, who the sheriff's department would like to lock up and who's living nearby.   

"Our sex offender registry is on there," Rodden said. "It's not a cost for us and it's not a cost to the public." 

Rodden said his office already made all of this available, but nothing beats using the technology we carry with us most of the time. 

"You could get a hold of this stuff and you'd have to know where to go, who to ask and what questions to ask," he said. 

The Clark County Sheriff's Department has been fully online with Mobile Patrol for about a month. It's one of the first departments in Indiana to use the app this way and the app is produced by Louisville-based Appriss. The company reports a number of sheriff's departments across the country have already locked up criminals from tips that came in through the Mobile Patrol app.

To access the app, search it in your phone's app store or click here.

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