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Kim Goldman relieved OJ Simpson staying behind bars

FOX5 on Wednesday spoke with Kim Goldman about a judge denying O.J. Simpson's bid for a robbery retrial. (11/27/2013) FOX5 on Wednesday spoke with Kim Goldman about a judge denying O.J. Simpson's bid for a robbery retrial. (11/27/2013)

Lawyers for O. J. Simpson say the imprisoned former football star will keep fighting for freedom. Simpson is facing at least four more years in a Nevada state prison, after Judge Linda Bell denied his request for a new trial.

FOX5 on Wednesday spoke to Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman. Simpson was found not guilty of Ron Goldman's murder years ago. Kim Goldman said she's glad this separate case is keeping Simpson behind bars.

"He does think that he's above the law, so it was nice to get a little reminder that he isn't," Kim Goldman said.

Kim Goldman said the legal system worked this time and told FOX5 she found out through Facebook that Simpson will stay behind bars.

Clark County District Court Judge Linda Bell rejected Simpson's bid for a new trial for his 2008 robbery and kidnapping conviction.

"I'm glad to know that he'll be enjoying Thanksgiving and the holidays for the next couple years in his jail cell until the next stunt he tries to pull," Kim Goldman said.

The 66-year-old was famously acquitted in the murder case involving Kim Goldman's brother and Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Simpson in 1995. 

Kim Goldman was at Simpson's Las Vegas sentencing. She didn't think Simpson had a strong case for a new trial and neither did former Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

"I didn't think he had a chance at Judge Bell's level, and I think he has an even slimmer chance before the Nevada Supreme Court," said Roger. "They don't second-guess trial court judges unless they're clearly erroneous."

Bell denied Simpson's petition in a 101-page ruling. She said Simpson's argument that he didn't have fair legal representation lacked merit.

Simpson's lawyers, Patricia Palm and Ozzie Fumo, said Simpson was disappointed but they're optimistic the former football star will be vindicated.

"We were telling him, 'This isn't the end of it, O. J.,'" said Palm. "We think this decision is wrong. He wants to do the appeal and so we are going to pursue relief with another court."

Simpson's lawyers claim Bell ignored a lot of the evidence they presented at the hearing, instead of basing her opinion on the evidence from the 2008 trial.

They have 30 days to file a notice to appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court. If Simpson loses the appeal, Simpson's attorneys say they plan to take it to the federal level.

Simpson was sentenced up to 33 years in prison but was granted parole on some convictions back in July. It won't be until he's 70 years old until he's eligible for parole.

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