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National Zoo celebrates new name for panda cub

The giant panda cub at the National Zoo marks its 100th day with a name.  

Zoo leaders unveiled the female cub's name, Bao Bao at a ceremony on Sunday. It means "treasure" or "precious", and was submitted during a contest by the group, Friends of the National Zoo. 
Bao Bao, born August 23rd, is the second surviving cub born at the zoo.
"The real reason we're here is science and conservation and saving species. That's our role here at the Smithsonian National Zoo. We save species," said Dennis Kelly, director of the National Zoo. "Today is special because one more giant panda has been added to saving not only the giant panda, but its habitat." 
Bao Bao is still with her mother, Mei Xiang, in the panda den. She'll meet her adoring fans in a public unveiling early next year.   

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