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HIV+ inmate accused of spitting in officer's mouth, throwing urine

Charles Clark (Source: LMDC) Charles Clark (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An HIV positive inmate charged with attempted murder after being accused of throwing his urine at an officer at Louisville Metro Corrections is at it again, according to police.

Charles Clark, 22, is accused of spitting on a corrections officer, striking him in the face, eyes and mouth, and throwing a cup filled with a liquid that Clark stated was his urine at the same officer and a police sergeant on November 28 while in custody. The officer was transported to University of Louisville Hospital for treatment.

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A charge of 3rd degree assault was added to Clark's lengthy criminal history.

Clark has been in and out of Louisville Metro Corrections since 2009 on charges that include theft, terroristic threatening and assault. Because of his HIV status, Clark was charged with attempted murder after a February 1 incident in which he was accused of throwing his urine at a corrections officer. Clark said he tested positive for HIV in November 2010 and that the virus was transmitted to him by his girlfriend.

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During a February 2010 interview with WAVE 3 News, Clark said, "I just have really poor impulse control. I can't find a way to cope that works for me."

Clark described some of his previous run-ins with the law.

"While I was at the emergency room, the officer was smiling at me, so I spit on him," Clark said about one event.

"I kicked the cop car window," he said in reference to a separate incident.

Regarding the February 1 incident, Clark said, "I was just trying to help a friend of mine get some extra money. I threw the urine under the door so he could get biohazard cleanup pay." Clark said the friend gets and extra $2.00 an hour for cleaning up biohazardous material.

Instead, police said, the urine hit an officer.

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