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MORE: Student found with a "BB gun" at Scott High - so what's next

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Details are slowly coming out now about the situation involving a student with a gun of some kind at Scott H.S. Reports came out initially that the student had a gun - then that he had one in his book bag. After a situation lasting more than an hour, Toledo police were able to apprehend the student and take him into custody. It was at that point that they realized, according to the police report, he had a "BB gun" and a knife. 

What we don't know right now is exactly what kind of gun or knife he had. But we do know it wasn't a traditional firearm. So are the rules (and the punishment) different when a gun is the "less lethal" kind?

Pellet guns have been mistaken for real guns with deadly results in the recent past. Police shot and killed 13 year old Andy Lopez in October in Santa Rose, California because his pellet gun resembled an AK-47 rifle.

There are countless models and styles for air rifles, pellet guns, and BB guns. Anyone can do a simple Google image search for "pellet gun" and find several different types of weapons that to the untrained eye could absolutely be taken for the kind of firearm that can do a lot more damage.

What's also unclear right now is what charges this teenager might face. Toledo Public Schools say they've begun the expulsion process already. 

We'll stay on this story and bring you the very latest updates including clarifications on what kind of weapons were found and what charges the student may face in the near future. 

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