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Man accused of assaulting wife, setting bed covers on fire and threatening to behead dog

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An Owsley County man is accused of carrying out a vicious two-day attack on his wife in Jefferson County in November.

According to Louisville Metro police, Larry C. Montgomery, 38, repeatedly assaulted his wife on November 19 and 20.

The victim told police that while inside a vehicle, Montgomery punched her in the abdomen, grabbed her by the hair and rammed her head into a dashboard. He then allegedly punched the woman in the face and threatened to ram the car into other vehicles on the road.

Once at home, the victim said, Montgomery grabbed her in a bear hug so tightly it felt like a straightjacket. She told officers that Montgomery then threatened to kill her if she didn't stop screaming or if she called police.

Montgomery used both hands to strangle his wife, causing her to gasp for air and believe she was having a heart attack, according to the arrest report. He also threw her on the floor and began kicking her in the head, police said.

The victim said her husband told her he would cut off her dog's head and kill her family if she didn't stop crying. Montgomery is also accused of putting a knife to his wife's throat and setting the bed covers on fire, but the victim was able to put out the flames.

Police said the victim was finally able to get away. Montgomery tried to grab his wife as she ran, but she began screaming, according to police. The victim went back in the house and locked herself inside. Montgomery got away on foot, but he was arrested on November 27.

He is charged with 4th degree assault, 1st degree wanton endangerment, 3rd degree terroristic threatening and 1st degree assault.

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