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Bourbon and Food Work Group members

Bourbon industry

· Eric Gregory, Kentucky Distillers Assoc.

· Rick Robinson, Wild Turkey

· Rob Samuels, Maker's Mark

· Larry Kass, Heaven Hill

· Chris Morris, Brown-Forman

· Marty Snyder, Distilled Spirits Epicenter

· Mike Veach, Filson Club/bourbon historian


Culinary/restaurant/food industry

· Stacy Roof, Kentucky Restaurant Association

· Bill Lynch, Louisville Originals

· Edward Lee, 610 Magnolia and Milkwood

· Kathy Cary, Lily's

· Dean Corbett, Equus/Jack's Lounge and Corbett's: An American Place

· Vincenzo Gabriele, Vincenzo's

· Karter Lewis, Hillbilly Tea

· Anthony Lamas, Seviche

· Susan Hershberg, Wiltshire Pantry

· Looi Peng, Asiatique

· Rhonda Kamar, Ramsi's Café on the World

· Ivor Chodkowski, Harvest

· Philip Ruskin, Ruskin International

· Summer Auerbach, Rainbow Blossom


· Mike Howerton, Convention and Visitors Bureau

· Stacey Yates, Convention and Visitors Bureau

· Cleo Battle, Convention and Visitors Bureau

· Mike Mangeot, Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet

· Amanda Storment, Kentucky State Fair Board

· Brad Walker, Louisville Hotel & Lodging Association

· JK McKnight, Forecastle Festival

Economic development

· James Reddish, Greater Louisville Inc.

· Rebecca Matheny, The Downtown Partnership

· Bill Samuels, The Downtown Partnership and Maker's Mark

· Steve Campbell, investor and involved in local food movement

· Ceci Conway, IdeaFestival and consultant

· Stephen Reily, entrepreneur and local foods investor

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