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Prison System report confirms Ariel Castro suicide; jail guards to keep jobs

Ariel Castro Ariel Castro
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The Ohio Prison Systems hired two experts who say in a new report that the deaths of Ariel Castro and Billy Slagle were suicides and were not accidents.

The State Prison System has released a 26-page report on prison suicides, including the suicide of convicted kidnapper Ariel Castro. [Read the entire report HERE]

Castro was sentenced to life, plus 1,000 years, for kidnapping and sexually assaulting Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus while holding them captive in his Seymour Avenue house for over a decade.

Castro used a bed sheet to hang himself in his cell at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Pickaway County, on September 3. He had been there one month.

Guards on duty at the time of Castro's suicide have been given last-chance agreement to keep their jobs. If they mess up again, they will be immediately fired. [Read the entire document HERE] The guards didn't make some scheduled rounds and also falsified records.

The newly released report confirms the Franklin County Coroner's report that Castro's death was not an accident due to auto-erotic asphyxiation.

The report also reveals that prison medical personnel attended Castro soon as he was found hanging in his cell, but it took EMS crews 40 minutes to arrive.

Castro left behind writings in a journal and complained about food and harassment. In one writing, Castro noted he'd never see light at the end of the tunnel, but he acknowledged it's the path he chose.

One prison supervisor called Castro demanding, saying he refused to wear clothes when female guards made rounds.

There's more-- during Castro's first week at the county jail in Cleveland he lied saying he was suicidal because he was actually afraid of other inmates.

He was on constant suicide watch after being moved to Lorain and then taken off of suicide watch at the prison in orient where he committed suicide.

He says he became depressed only after he was arrested for raping and kidnapping the three women.

Castro called himself a happy person and didn't understand why the media and other inmates treated him so poorly.

Castro lost a lot of weight in prison. He thought someone was tampering with his food and refused to leave his cell for recreation.

He asked to stay in protective control away from other inmates.

The report also shows death row inmate Billy Slagle who killed himself in his cell didn't have a prior history of suicidal behavior and had strong family support in prison.

Slagle was sentenced to death for killing a neighbor with a pair of scissors nearly three decades ago in Cleveland. Slagle's motive for the cold blooded killing - scoring some money to buy alcohol.

He left a very angry suicide note saying. He wasn't going to have a bunch of strangers surround him being entertained by his execution.

The report states that both Castro and Slagle's suicides are not the fault of any of the prison system's staff.

Five prison guards were investigated. One retired and the other four are back on the job.

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