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Pass the Cash - December 4, 2013: Teaching beyond the lesson plan

Toni Unser hugged Hailey after she passed the cash. Toni Unser hugged Hailey after she passed the cash.
Toni Unser Toni Unser
Hailey and her father Hailey and her father

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching kids what counts is best. 

Toni Unser, a 5th grade teacher, wanted one of her students to know she's in her life to do more than educate her, she cares. 

Hailey, 10, recently lost her mother.

"She's just got so much ahead of her and I just want to help so she can still be as amazing as I know she is," Unser said.

At such a young age Hailey is being tested not just in class, but in life.

"It was kind of just out of the blue. Nobody planned for it and it happened at home. So it was hard," Unser said of Hailey's mother's death, "They've had a hard time with even paying for the funeral.  You know that's really been a hardship on them."

The hardships don't stop there; Hailey's father is now a widower, raising her and three teenagers with no working vehicle.

In order to Pass the Cash to Hailey's family, we invited her to come to the school because he thought she was getting an award. Hailey was just following her class, but Unser thought maybe there should be an explanation for the news cameras.

"They came by here to help us help you have a wonderful Christmas. Ok I'm going to count to your dad," Unser said as she pulled the cash out of her pocket, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.  So we hope this helps you all.  I love you."

The halls of the little Mount Washington school were quiet until Hailey's dad was finally able to speak.

"I just want to say thank you. Everybody's been so kind and so nice, so helpful," he said. "Something like this happens and you just see how nice, not just with people giving you stuff, but people being there for you. Having a shoulder when you need it."

Losing her mom, too many bills and a car that quit. "It's been one thing after another it really has," said Hailey's dad.

But with one person after another extending a helping hand they will make it through.

Since 2011, WAVE 3 News has given away thousands of dollars to worthy recipients in our Pass the Cash segment. Click here to tell us about a Kentuckiana family or individual who you believe deserves a special gift of $300. (Be sure you are registered on You cannot nominate yourself or a family member. 

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