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December 7, 2013

Christmas Angel Program

Service for Peace Christmas Angel Program

Any size donation financially, new toys, gift cards, turkeys, hams

You may donate online at or you can make a check out to Service for Peace & print "CA" in the memo section. To mail to Service for Peace use address P.O. Box 17006, Louisville, KY 40217.

The Christmas Angel program helps any Military Hero Family & Children during the Christmas Holidays.  Over the past 8 years they have helped 5,000 plus Military Families, their Children & 1,000's of others.


Operation: PARENT

Operation: PARENT has been in operation since 2006 and was started by a mom of 5 children who at the time, was overwhelmed and insecure about raising teens and preteens in today's time. They are a group of parents helping parents trying to not just survive but to succeed in today's "toxic" culture. They have just published their 5th edition of their Parent Handbook that has been reaching people throughout the country.  Their most recent partnership was with the healing community of Sandy Hook, CT. 

What issues are catching parents off guard as they raise their teens and preteens?

-          Social media (age limits/multiple accounts/sexting/cyberbullying/etc.)

-          Prescription Drug abuse – Kentucky is ranked 6th in the country for overdose

-          Sexual activity (starting as early as age 10)/STD's/dating violence/teen pregnancy

-          Alcohol/drug use by 4th and 5th grade

-          Heroin is making a comeback – cheap and accessible


How can Operation: PARENT help parents?

-          Parent Handbook

-          In-home drug testing kits

-          Parenting Classes

-          Speaker Events

-          Community Presentations


Upcoming classes

(502) 265-9045

1350 N. Highway 393, LaGrange


TEENS Incredibles

TEENS Incredibles is geared towards teenagers and their buying habits. It is like a Claire's, Spencer's gifts and Hot Topix all in one.

11-7pm Monday - Friday

11-6pm Saturdays

11-5pm Sundays

4036 Taylorsville Rd in Hikes Point Plaza on Taylorsville  Road

(502) 821-8808


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