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Man sentenced for murder of mother of 5

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Ronald Shewmaker Ronald Shewmaker
Lisa McQuirt Lisa McQuirt
Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull
Lora Jordan Lora Jordan

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Monday was judgment day for a southern Indiana man convicted of killing a mother of five.

Ronald Shewmaker learned his sentence for Lisa McQuirt's murder Monday afternoon and it's the maximum. Shewmaker got 65 years for killing the 32-year-old in Clarksville earlier this year.

He's going down fighting, saying after court, "It was all a lack of inappropriate police work. I wouldn't even be in here today."

Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull disagreed. "He can say it was bad police work, but he's walking downstairs right now to get ready to do 65 years so obviously the jury disagreed with it," Mull said.

Police say Shewmaker made incriminating statements to his family about McQuirt's murder.  Friends say Shewmaker stalked McQuirt, who he met at the bottoms up club where she worked.

On an early February 2013 morning, he went to the home where she was hanging out with friends and then shot McQuirt four times when she came to the door.

After Shewmaker's sentencing today, her sister said no matter the sentence, her sister is not coming back.

"She was my sister," said Lora Jordan. "She can't fight for herself so somebody has to and that's what our job is. And our job is to remember her and to make sure that people remember her."

Shewmaker said after his sentencing, he will appeal. McQuirt's family said they hope he is not successful, but if he is, they'll be in court for another shot at making sure he stays behind bars.

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