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Winter storm creates headaches, costs big bucks

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The snow, ice and slush that fell across Kentuckiana cost some their sanity and long hours for first responders. According to Metro Safe there were 413 wrecks, including hit and runs, from Friday at 2 p.m. to Sunday at 8 p.m. During the same time period the weekend before, that number was 159.

Winter storms also cost tax payers big bucks. According to a city spokesman, $1.4 million was budgeted for this winter season. Most of the money goes to buying salt. Another $300,000 is to cover overtime for workers.

That only covers main roads. It would cost triple that amount to clean up neighborhood roads too.

"I know it's really tough, I know it's a huge job, but it's really tough on us that don't live on the main thoroughfares, just to get to them," Linda Phillips said.

She was worried someone would slam into her car.

"A lot of people do come down the alley and it's scary when it's dry so it's really scary when it's icy," she continued.

MetroSafe records show there were 45 hit and runs this weekend, 12 more than the last.  Some decided to park their cars away from the slippery side streets.

"Just to keep the commuter from slamming into it 'cuz everybody was fish-tailing all over the place," another Louisville resident, Derrick Manley told us.

The city said some feeder streets are cleaned if it's part of a school route or if the neighborhood is on a steep hill.

With two fleets of workers already on overtime and alternating shifts, the city says they simply would not have the manpower.

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