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Meet the Louisville women who are members of 'Sing-Off' group

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – You've probably seen them perform, but you may not have realized that three Louisville sisters part of a group taking part in NBC's The Sing-Off.

A lot of talent with Kentucky connections are represented on The Sing-Off, now is in its fourth season. From the University of Kentucky, The Acousticats. And three local artists from Louisville have joined seven other artists based in Dallas to make-up the group, Ten.

Sydnii Raymore, Teaira Dunn and Lenisa Raymore are sisters. During a visit to our studios, the three women told us that Ten sounds like a perfect ten. But the singers who make up the group had never met before a call from group leader Peaches, who asked them rehearse right before the show. Teaira described that first rehearsal.

"A lot of people we didn't know," said Teaira. "So I'm literally standing next to someone singing and I don't even know them."

However, there was one thing the three talented Louisville singers did know.

"I was overwhelmed," said Lenisa. "It was like ... it was crazy like. I really couldn't … it's unexplainable. It really is unexplainable."

"It was almost like magic," said Teaira. "Like wow. Is this real."

The chance to win $100,000 and a Sony music recording contract is also real.

"Stay tuned," said Sydnii. "We can't tell you. We can't tell you. Stay tuned."

"Definitely stay tuned," Lenisa said. "You're in for a treat."

Are we in for a singoff between singers from the Bluegrass? Acousticats vs. Ten would be a different kind of dream game. Keep watching...and you may also learn a little something about dreams....

"Anything is possible no matter where you live at," said Sydnii. "Anything. Follow your dreams."

Sydnii and Lenisa are Doss High School graduates. Their sister Teaira graduated from Eastern. The entire family sings.

You can see The Sing-Off with Ten and the Acousticats again Monday night at 10 p.m.

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