Statement from WAVE 3 News Director Bill Shory

The following is a statement from WAVE 3 News Director Bill Shory regarding the fatal Harrison County crash;

On Thursday WAVE 3 News incorrectly reported that an infant had become the third person to die in a crash on Interstate 64 in Harrison County, Indiana. The information came after our reporter, Scott Adkins, who spoke with Harrison County Coroner Rusty Sizemore on the phone.

In a phone call later that afternoon, Sizemore told us the infant had not died and provided an age for the child that was different from what we understood after our first conversation.

Incorrectly reporting a death, particularly when it involves a child, is a serious error and one we very much regret. We immediately corrected the errors and updated our online story and Facebook page to say the coroner had now provided us with different information. Those posts were intended to explain to our viewers and readers how the mistake happened - NOT to shift blame away from us or to place blame on the coroner. Unfortunately, many of the resulting comments, and some of our own posts, strayed from that intention. We have now removed those posts and the associated comment threads.

We stand by our reporter and his reporting of both phone conversations. However, we also respect Mr. Sizemore's position - which is that he never provided us with the incorrect information. The unfortunate truth is this: In a developing news situation, information comes in quickly to all parties and it can change rapidly. Despite the best efforts of all involved, miscommunication can occur.  The end result in this case was we distributed incorrect information across several of our platforms, and we apologize for that.

However, we are mindful that the far more important fact is that two people lost their lives today. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families involved. Our thoughts are also with Mr. Sizemore and his family, as he performs difficult work under tragic circumstances.