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Homebuyers should choose contractors and ask sellers to pay for work


A Glendale man says he made a big mistake during his home-buying process by allowing the seller to handle an inspection repair.  He's learned it's better for buyers to choose the contractors and for sellers to pay.

When buying his first home, Matt Segovia's inspection turned up some roof issues. He let the seller handle the repairs.

"Seemed like having the seller arrange for that would be easier, plus they had used a roofing company in the past," Segovia said.

That company was All Source Contracting, LLC in Glendale. Segovia says All Source Contracting did the repairs, and also provided an official certification.

"It said the life expectancy would be 10 years under normal wear and tear, which gave us some good peace of mind," Segovia said.

After the first heavy rain, Segovia says the roof leaked and damaged the ceiling. When he contacted All Source Contracting about the certification, Segovia says the owner told him it was nothing more than a favor for the previous owner and just an opinion.

"He had no problems with what he did, (the certification) was meaningless for me, meaningless for him, meaningless for everybody involved basically," Segovia said.

Segovia says the owner of All Source Contracting, Gabriel Noje, promised to fix the roof then reneged the next day saying All Source Contracting was not licensed to work on tile roofs.

"To that I responded, 'well how could you guys have fixed it before, in addition, how can you have any kind of a certification?" Segovia said.

Segovia's continuing problems with the seller's roofer has taught him a good lesson: Sellers should pay for the repairs, but homebuyers should hire the contractors.

"If there are issues down the road, you will have to deal with that same contractor and it's better to have that relationship yourself," Segovia said.

If sellers don't want to pay the buyer's contractor directly, they can reimburse buyers or reduce the selling price. All of this is worked out during negotiations before the closing. Bottom Line: Homebuyers should choose the contractor and then connect them with the seller.

CBS 5 News asked the owner of All Source Contracting, Gabriel Noje, why he provided a certification on a roof he wasn't licensed to work on?  His answer was that he was just giving his opinion. CBS 5 News also asked why he promised to repair a roof for free that he wasn't licensed to work on?  His response was that he didn't know his license was not valid for tile roofs until after he made the promise.

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