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Horse trainer, jockey's agent has sex convictions involving minors

Julio Rijos Jr. Julio Rijos Jr.
KHRC Licensing Committee Chairman Burr Travis KHRC Licensing Committee Chairman Burr Travis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is investigating how it granted a Louisville man a license as a trainer in 2012 and a jockey's agent in 2013, even though the man admitted he had been convicted of sex crimes against minors and was listed on the state's Sex Offender Registry.

"I don't know if a background check was performed or not," said KHRC Licensing Committee Chairman Burr Travis.

Julio Rijos Jr., 37, appeared before the licensing committee Wednesday, seeking a renewal of his Agent's license for 2014.

His 2013 application disclosed he had been convicted of distributing obscene material to a minor in 2008. It did not reveal that he was still on probation when he filed his application, nor did it detail the nature of the charges against him.

So WAVE 3 News checked Rijos' court records. The records revealed Rijos was originally charged with one count of sodomy and four counts of sexual abuse, as part of an investigation into his activities while an employee of Brooklawn Child and Family Services.

"At no time during his employment did anybody suggest there was anything related to sexual misconduct," Brooklawn spokesman David Graves told WAVE 3 News in December 2008.

Court records also revealed Rijos cut a deal in May 2011. Prosecutors dismissed the sodomy and sexual abuse charges after Rijos pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing obscene material to his alleged victims. Rijos drew a sentence of one year in jail, suspended provided he complete two years of supervised probation.

His plea also included stipulations that he avoid contact with his victims, Rijos told Travis during Wednesday's hearing. But Rijos maintains that his attorney erred by agreeing that his name would remain on the Sex Offender Registry for 20 years.

"We're trying to get all of that expunged," Rijos told the Licensing Committee. WAVE 3 News has learned that Rijos will be back in court December 23, to explain his claim of ineffective counsel.

Rijos did not offer the Licensing Committee any documents detailing the sex allegations, nor any paperwork indicating whether he'd completed his probation successfully. He appeared before the Committee without an attorney, and, according to Travis, at the last minute.

"He filed his paperwork Saturday, and we didn't know until noon, that he'd show up today," Travis said. "We have a number of questions. I know that if we'd been aware of the scope of the concern in 2012 and 2013, we certainly would have done some additional investigation."

Rijos declined to speak when a WAVE 3 News crew questioned him as he left the licensing hearing.

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