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Exclusive tour: UofL going green on campus

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – There's a view few who visit the University of Louisville campus get to see. Solar panels on top of the school's recreation center soak up the sun to heat the water for thousands of showers.

"It almost becomes natural for architects and contractors," senior architect David Profit said.

Earth-friendly technology doesn't just exist on rooftops at the college, but also down below under a soccer field.

"There's roughly 150 to 400 foot wells at that location," Profit said.

The wells are part of a geo-thermal system that uses the earth's natural temperatures to cool and heat the recreation center.

The college is also on track to get yet another building LEED certified by the Green Building Council.

Meanwhile Professor Dave Simpson says the treadmill in his office, which is hooked up to his computer is for his health, while the paint, carpet and tiny waste baskets work toward conserving the Earth.

"It gives an example of how you can take an office and do a more green approach," Simpson said.

There are also more cyclists on campus than ever before. About 700 students have applied to exchange their parking passes for $400 toward a bike.

Bicycling Magazine recently placed UofL on a list of the top bicycling colleges in the country.

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