Law means lights out for some light bulbs

Scott Krueger
Scott Krueger

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The end of the year will mean lights out for a type of light bulb many of us have in our home.

Come January 1, 2014, 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs will become illegal to make or import into the United States.

Meanwhile, the new law is already lighting up the check-out lanes.

"People are starting to realize that January first is coming and they are looking at the incandescent and buying the incandescent up," Home Depot Store Manager, Scott Krueger said.

President George Bush signed the ban into law back in 2007 as a push toward a greener future.

Some aren't so sure it was a bright idea.

"It's ok if they tell us which ones to go to," one Home Depot customer said.

Stores like Home Depot will be able to sell the bulbs until they are bought off the shelves. It's not only the retail giants that are getting ready to make the switch.

"It shouldn't be too bad," a Sutherland Hardware & Mercantile associate explained. "We'll be able to consolidate some stuff and more room to get new stuff in," he said.

Louisville is in the top 25 markets for efficient light bulb consumption in the country according to a Home Depot study.

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