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LMAS: Not sure mutilated animal was a dog

Site where the mutilated animal was found. Site where the mutilated animal was found.
Margaret Brosko Margaret Brosko

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville Metro Animal Services is asking for the public's help with any information regarding a severely mutilated animal found dead behind the Valero gas station on Stonestreet Road in Valley Station.

LMAS originally believed the animal was a domestic dog. Now they are leaving the possibility of it being a wild animal, like a coyote.

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"On the initial investigation the dog definitely looked like it was a German shepherd mix but it was so dismantled and so mutilated that it was difficult to be 100 percent," said Margaret Brosko with Metro Animal Services.

The charges vary on whether or not the animal is wild or domestic.

"If it was a domestic animal it is an extreme case of abuse and torture," Brosko said. "On the opposite side, if it's a wild animal, we're looking at criminal littering. The condition that this animal was in and the fact that it was placed in a public place that you and I or anyone else can walk up and see is really horrific."

While waiting on the tests to come back on the animal, investigators are trying to find out who did this.

"People who abuse and neglect animals tend to have the same violent acts against individual," Brosko said.

That is why organizations like LMAS are urging lawmakers to make harsher animal cruelty laws in Kentucky.

"You know if someone tortures an animal and that animal dies, and they intentionally tortured that animal to the point of death and you tell someone that the maximum penalty for that is five years, people would say ‘what?'" said Brosko.

Brosko said starvation, hoarding and neglect are just misdemeanors.

Brosko says teaming up with animal welfare agencies in Kentucky and going to Frankfort for harsher laws is their only solution. But for now, the public can help and they can prosecute.

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