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Marines rethink pull-up requirement

The marine corps is now rethinking their pull-up requirements for female recruits after more than half weren't able to meet the minimum of three. 

Both men and women had to do three pull-ups to pass, to level the playing field and integrate women into combat jobs. Now, women can choose to do either the pull-ups or a flex-arm hang. 

"Whether or not they can do three pull ups should determine whether they are ready for combat or fit for combat," said former coast guard member and Arizona American Legion Department Commander Judi Beischel. 

"With other types of physical agility we're every bit as good or better than the men," Beischel said. 

We visited Amenzone Fitness in Glendale, and found that while pull-ups came easy to some, many athletes still had a tough time. 

"When it comes to physical difference, I think it's obvious that men are different," said Amenzone member Debbie Castaldo. "But now women are challenging ourselves. We're fitter, we're stronger than ever, so can we get there? We absolutely can."

We reached out to our local marine recruiting office but have yet to hear back. 

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