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Frigid temperatures, ice freeze business in Scottsburg

Carin Baker Carin Baker
Carlos Garza Carlos Garza

SCOTTSBURG, IN (WAVE) - Throughout WAVE Country, Southern Indiana saw the brunt of recent winter weather. In Scottsburg, many people kicked off Monday facing the triple threat of frigid temperatures, gusty winds and icy conditions.

Inside the Coffee House and Café nestled along East McClain Street, staff spent a portion of Monday morning awaiting the arrival of more customers.

"We've had our regulars come in today," said assistant manager Carin Baker. "It's kind of slow right now but I think it'll pick up later."

Early in the day, those willing to brave the cold seemed few and far between. Baker admitted she too had a hard time getting going Monday morning.

"My garage door was frozen shut," began Baker, "so I had to scrape off my boyfriend's car to get to work."

Thanks to salt and plow trucks operating throughout the city, for some commuters, traveling to work proved less challenging.

"It's not bad on the main strip," began Scottsburg resident Carlos Garza, "but the back roads are a little icy, slippery."

Garza said conditions did not, however, live up to his expectations.

"It's not that bad out here at all," said Garza.

"It's not so bad," began Baker. "When you're going from your house to your car to work, I mean you're not outside in it."

The milder conditions came as a welcomed sigh of relief to some residents, as cold temperatures forced many people throughout Scott County to bundle up or remain indoors.

The Scott County Emergency Operations Center has set up several standby emergency shelters throughout the county, including at Scottsburg High School, in case of future power outages.

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