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Bitter temperatures cause problems for firefighters and water company

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Frigid temperatures during this polar vortex have not only caused problems for Kentuckiana residents, but also for firefighters and the Louisville Water Company.

The first sign of trouble came around 1:30 Tuesday morning when Louisville Water Company crews learned of a water main break that turned Burnett Avenue and McCloskey Avenue into a small river, causing it to be closed down for the morning rush.

A short time later, another call came in about a break on 22nd Street at Griffiths, also shutting down traffic.

The east end wasn't without problems either. Main breaks were reported on Cannons Lane at Grandview and on Eastern Parkway at Cherokee Road. Louisville Water Company crews did their best to stay warm with heaters in their trucks and extra crew members to allow for breaks.

The weather also posed problems for firefighters as they tried to put out a blaze at a house on South Second Street. We're told they had problems with a couple of frozen hydrants near the home but were able to douse the flames and keep the fire from spreading to neighboring homes.

No one was reported hurt in the fire. Investigators believe it all started with a space heater. The same source firefighters believe lead to several other fires in the past couple of days.

Fire officials remind folks to never walk away form a space heater that's running, even for a short period of time. Always turn them off when no one is in the room.

They say it's just too easy for such heating devices to malfunction or fall over and cause a deadly fire.

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