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AAA services more than 1,200 dead batteries in 24 hours

AAA serviced more than 1,200 dead batteries in a 24 hour period. AAA serviced more than 1,200 dead batteries in a 24 hour period.
Bruce Parrish Bruce Parrish

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If you couldn't get your car started Tuesday, you're not alone.  AAA Kentucky officials said thanks to the bitter cold weather their roadside assistance call volume more than doubled a typical winter Tuesday.

While AAA saw several tows and flat tires, the number one problem was dead batteries.

"We've seen just about everything," said AAA service technician Bruce Parrish, "A lot of people broke down."

In 24 hours beginning midnight Tuesday, AAA Kentucky helped out more than 1,200 stranded drivers in the western Kentucky region - that includes the Louisville area.

Rescue Rangers like Parrish were so busy starting or replacing batteries, in many cases, drivers had to wait in line and were not happy with the toll the freezing temperatures were taking on their cars.

Driver Eron Jaber said, "It's pretty frustrating, you know and you want to be able to get to work on time so you've got to make the calls and let people know you're running a little behind." As in most of the calls, Jaber's battery just needed a charge.

Parish, who had been working more than 12 hours when we saw him, said when it comes to batteries in extreme cold, age isn't a factor. 

"It doesn't matter if it's a new battery or an old battery," Parrish said, "I've seen a lot of new batteries today."

In a parking lot across town, Humana worker Chris Clayton was being a bit of a rescuer too.  "I've helped out neighbors and also individuals in the parking lot." Many of Clayton's co-workers cars had been sitting in the parking lot for several hours off Blakenbaker Lane.

"We're working like 10 and 12 hour days right now," Clayton said, "So when it (car) sits out that long sometimes they'll start right back up, but sometimes you may need a jump."

He said he spent about $40 on a power pack that jumps vehicles without cables or another vehicle and said it was well worth the investment. He said it's easy to operate and gives your car an automatic charge.

Investing in a battery charger or a jump starter pack isn't a bad idea.  Both can be found at stores across Kentuckiana from Walmart to Autozone. 

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