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Toledo Humane Society deals with broken furnace and pipe

Space heaters are keeping the dogs warm. Space heaters are keeping the dogs warm.
MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Toledo Area Humane Society had some challenges to deal with during this week's extreme cold, but workers and volunteers came together to keep the animals safe.

On Monday, the first day of sub-zero temperatures, one of the furnaces at the Humane Society went out. Then on Tuesday, a pipe burst.

When the furnace broke, the temperature in the dog kennel dropped to 42 degrees. Staff had to move the dogs to warmer areas of the building. Portable heaters have since been brought in to keep the dogs comfortable.

A new furnace would have cost $50,000 for the 33-year-old building, but they are hoping to fix it when a new part is delivered.

But when a pipe burst Tuesday, water poured into one of the kennels. Fortunately, none of the dogs were near it and the pipe was not one of the vital ones for the building.

The dogs are now snuggled up and warm, and they seem to have made it through just fine thanks to the hard work by everyone at the shelter.

"There were some dedicated volunteers that just came here on their own when they could have been home taking care of their families," said Executive Director Gary Willoughby. "Even on Monday we had three or four dog walkers come in here. It took me about 2-3 hours to dig up, to get the doors open to get the dogs out because there was so much snow built up everywhere."

The Humane Society is offering a 25 percent discount on all adoptions through this Sunday. They want to get as many animals into warm homes as they can while their furnace gets fixed.

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