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Some UofL fans still skeptical of Petrino

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Bobby Petrino Bobby Petrino

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Not all fans are so welcoming of the Cards new coach. Bobby Petrino acknowledged in his news conference Thursday morning he's heard some of the negatives out there.

"It hurts when things are said about you -- hurts the family like that," he said," but we'll get the fans back."

It's a high hurdle he'll have to leap with some of the fans.

Their memories are long and so far, what they've heard from the coach hasn't eased their worried Cardinal minds or hearts.

On Saturdays, when the Cards are playing, Buffalo Wild Wings in the Highlands is filled with cheering fans. Thursday, it wasn't a game on TV, but a drama as Petrino tried to make amends.

"I forgive him. I certainly do forgive him," said Jared Whitfield.

He thinks Petrino's first run at UofL is enough to overlook his more recent history.

"Petrino I feel really put us in the national spotlight," Whitfield said.  "He kind of stumbled around in his other jobs -- in Atlanta with the Falcons and with Arkansas -- but hey, we had good memories with Petrino so he's welcome."

Others, like Brian Boston, aren't so forgiving.

"There's really no bounds where they'll go just to get the (win)," Boston said.

Full disclosure: Boston is a UofL grad but he has other loyalties

"I'm a UK fan," he said, but added Petrino's hiring doesn't speak well of his alma mater.

"As an alum of the university, it's kind of sketchy," he said. "I'm kind of embarrassed by it because it shows that we want to win at all cost."

Cards fan Richard Stephens won't be at the games to see those wins.

"I used to but I'm not going to until he's gone which will probably be six months after he starts coaching," said Stephens.

He believes Petrino lacks integrity and loyalty.

"I don't care about his personal life. That's personal," Stephens said, "but he's bailed on every program he's ever been associated with and I think the integrity of the University of Louisville in general is diminished because of the choice."

Louisville student Alex Billharz said it's possible the coach he enjoyed watching so much the first time around might actually have turned over a new leaf. Now he just has to prove it.

"He does seem like he could be a changed man but it's going to be one of those things where it's going to take a little time for fans to actually warm up to it," said Billharz. "It might take years."

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