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Petrino keeps his commitment to Kosair Children's Hospital

Bobby Petrino Bobby Petrino
Lynnie Meyer Lynnie Meyer

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The medical needs of kids all over Kentuckiana could get a boost thanks to a big time announcement this week that you might just have heard about.

When Bobby Petrino made his comeback at the University of Louisville, Kosair Children's Hospital saw the return of a major supporter, a family that's already leaving its mark on the care of children.

At Kosair, they're already so proud of their $24 million renovation of the neonatal intensive care unit.

"Obviously it's set up to provide support to both the clinical needs of our families but also for the family space, to have a private sleeping accommodations," said Lynnie Meyer, Executive Director of The Children's Hospital Foundation.

Meyer said when phase four of the project gets underway, it will have a well-known Louisville name attached.

"The signage that will be on that room that it's a gift of Bobby and Becky Petrino in honor of their children," said Meyer.

The Petrinos made a $250,000 commitment in 2006 to build a family resource center for parents who have children in the NICU.

"To better help them understand how to help a premature baby become healthy, to integrate into their family," Meyer said. 

Shortly after the pledge, Bobby Petrino had a new commitment to the Atlanta Falcons. Meyer said she never doubted their gift would still come through. 

"I was really personally confident that they would honor their commitment and so gratified that they did," Meyer said. 

Each year for five years, from Atlanta to Arkansas, the coach's family wrote a $50,000 check. Now that they're back in town, Meyer is looking forward to getting the Petrinos back in the building. 

"I was at the announcement yesterday and delighted to be there and we look forward to them bringing the team down and being involved with the work of the hospital going forward," said Meyer. 

Meyer said that's how the coach first got involved in the hospital by bringing the team down to visit the kids. He then became a member of the board, and his wife took his spot when his travel schedule became too tough. 

If you'd like more information about the work they're doing at Kosair, click here.

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