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Teens dream lives on through dance

Felicia Ann Armstrong Felicia Ann Armstrong

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - If you think about your senior year, chances are your senior prom comes to mind, but one local teen couldn't attend her senior prom. 

Felicia Armstrong was born with heart and esophagus issues. The North Bullitt High School student had two major surgeries her senior year and was very sick.

While she was hospitalized she came up with an idea - a dance for those who couldn't go to their prom because they were sick. She called her idea the Second Chance Dance.

"It took her mind off her own problems, her own medical things," said her mother Maelene Hale. "Got her something to look forward to."

"She would have biggest smiles and be so excited which was good to see," said her sister Sheila Ernst. "Didn't happen so often where she was excited about things because always feeling so ill."

Other people got excited about her idea too, including the Children's Hospital Foundation and Brave Hearts. Felicia's small party will now not only become a reality, but also a big affair. 

The Second Chance Dance is for anyone who missed their prom, homecoming or other formal dance for medical reasons. They and a guest can attend for free.

Felicia wanted the dance to honor those who had passed away and it is. The dance will honor Felicia Ann Armstrong. She passed away in August 2013 at the age of 19.

"It's just ironic that it's her who's going to be honored," said Ernst.

"It's wonderful. I'm so glad they're really honoring her," Hale said. "She would be so happy."

Felicia's mother said her daughter wanted to do something to help others and to make their lives a little better. Now her dream, that lives on, means others will get that second chance.

The dance will be held on January 18, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at The Henry Clay Building on Third Street. 

For information call (502) 629-8060 or e-mail foundations@nortonhealthcare.org.

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