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Show of solidarity by Holyoke police chief gaining attention


The facebook page for the Holyoke Police Department credited Chief James Neiswanger with an act of solidarity and loyalty.

Friday night, a detective traded gunfire with two suspects at South Elm St. Nobody was hurt and the suspects were arrested. Because of the investigation the detective had to hand over his service weapon.

The post on Facebook said, "When this Officer lost the weapon that had saved his life it is understandable he would feel naked and vulnerable." The post continued by stating that Chief Neiswanger then took his own sidearm and holster and gave it to the detective.

Neiswanger spoke Monday afternoon about the incident. He said, "My detective did a tremendous job in a very difficult, stressful, and life threatening situation. I am extremely proud of him and all my officers that night. They arrested two violent felons that belong in jail. My detective and officers deserve all the praise and accolades for they are the ones putting their lives on the line."

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse released a statement Monday. It stated, "Chief Neiswanger is the kind of person who probably doesn't want this kind of attention drawn to him, but I am proud to see that this story has earned the attention it deserves.  Holyoke is lucky to have his leadership, in addition to the bravery of Detective Delgado and a Police Department that works tirelessly each and every day to make our City a safer and better community. Their comradery and sense of loyalty is something to be admired."

The story on the Holyoke Police Department Facebook page had more than 680 likes and had been shared by 85 people Monday evening.

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