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Casa de los Ninos employee charged with voyeurism

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Casa de los Ninos employee has been charged with voyeurism, a class 5 felony, after police stated he was caught looking at a 12-year-old girl while she was bathing.

Officials with Casa de los Ninos said 27-year-old Mark Loebe was immediately put on leave, after the Christmas Eve incident.  Tucson Police state they received a call on December 24 about inappropriate conduct at the shelter. 

After video court Tuesday night, Loebe's family left the courthouse in tears. They said they believe all of it was a misunderstanding that will be clarified.

Loebe appeared before the judge next to his lawyer. He stayed quiet. His lawyer requested that the media not be allowed to video tape this hearing, but the judge allowed it.

"The initial report said the adult male was watching the female while she was showering," TPD Sgt. Pete Dugan said. "This is a facility the child is placed in to be cared for."

In a statement, the CEO at Casa de los Ninos said Loebe was in a position where he was in direct contact with children; they did everything they could to protect the children; and they do have protocols to separate male employees from children, but she was unable get into specifics about this case.

Officials also stated Loebe cleared a background and fingerprint check before getting the job as a primary care worker at the children's shelter.

Loebe was also a volunteer firefighter at the Helmet Peak Fire Department, where the chief described him as a quiet man who was fairly active within the department.

No bond was set and he is due back in court on Feb. 3.

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