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Grocery clerk who had gun held to his head during robbery speaks out

Adam Freeman Adam Freeman
Bryce Shumate Bryce Shumate

RADCLIFF, KY (WAVE) - As a semi automatic handgun was pressed to the back of his head, a Radcliff grocery clerk said he thought of his family. Adam Freeman spoke out Thursday with hope that someone who knows something about the crime, will do the same.

Freeman recalled 7:45 Wednesday night, "I was standing here waiting to close, we had two customers in the store." That's when Freeman, a Save a Lot cashier, noticed another man coming in the door. "I asked him when he walked in, how are you doing sir?"

That's when he said the man pulled a camouflage scarf over his face.

"The next thing I know, he puts a gun to the back of my neck and tells everybody to get face down," Freeman said of the frightening encounter. He said the gunman was so oddly calm that he walked to the back of the store and grabbed a gallon of milk.

"After that, he took me and the other two employees that were here and told us to go into the office where the safe was," Freeman recalled. "Once we got in there, he had everybody turn their backs to him and he gave the bag to my boss and then told her to load all the money up from the safe and after that he put the gun back to the small of my back."

Radcliff Police Spokesman Bryce Shumate said the robber seemed confident with his semi automatic handgun, "He was not afraid of having it out, almost like this is something that he has done before."

Freeman said the gunman threatened him as he allowed him to walk away. Freeman said that's when he grabbed the female employees and put them in a walk-in ice cream freezer until he could make sure it was safe for them to come out.

Police are hoping someone will recognize the man's clothing: Navy cargo pants, a black coat, a camouflage type mask or face cover and blue tennis shoes with white shoestrings. He is described as being 5'8" to 5'10" tall and weighing between 150 to 180 pounds.

Freeman said he's speaking out to let the gunman know, what he did isn't ok and he's not afraid.  "I've been here (Radcliff) my whole life," he said, "I've got my wife and my son down the road and it (the robbery) seemed too simple and I'm back here even though I'm supposed to be off to make sure everything is ok because he may have took from Save a Lot, but he didn't take from me."

Police said the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of money and fled on foot.

If you recognize him in the photos or have any information about this crime you can call the Radcliff Police Anonymous Tip Line at 270-351-TIPS (8477) or call Hardin County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-597-8123.

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