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AZ women inspired by mom's 'What's your excuse' campaign

The picture Maria Kang posted online (Source: Facebook) The picture Maria Kang posted online (Source: Facebook)

A few months ago a controversial mom, Maria Kang, stirred up emotions when she posted a picture online showing off her fit body with her three small children in the foreground. The caption read, "What's your excuse?"

Some parents were annoyed, but not one Valley mom.

Bri Jackson, a mother of three, was inspired by Kang and after months of keeping in shape she was chosen to be Miss November in the "What's Your Excuse?" Fit Mom Swimsuit calendar.

Jackson lost 66 pounds in about 11 months. Her weight loss all started when she saw Kang's photo online.

"I really appreciated someone saying 'hey, what's your excuse? If I can do it, you can do it,'" said Jackson.

"I think the biggest change for me came after I had my third baby. I was just in shock after that and I mean they're all little and so with work, I'm a business owner... I just put my own health on the back burner," said Jackson.

So she started slow. First she cleaned up her diet by eliminating processed foods. Then she began working out. Now she exercises six days a week.

She said even if she can't get a long workout in, every little bit counts.

"A lot of times I don't make it to the gym in a day and if I don't then I workout with my kids. I'll bring them to the park. They walk with me. My oldest runs with me. He can keep up. I push him in the stroller," said Jackson.

There are "no excuse" mom groups across the country and 15 in the Valley.

Jackson leads one on Sundays at Cesar Chavez Park.

All groups are free.

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