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KKK Flier slams Dr. Martin Luther King a day before holiday


A note on a flier that Cathy Thomas found inside a plastic bag suggests that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Communist and pervert and that celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day should not be allowed.

"This is sad. I think its really sad that we in 2014 have to deal with someone putting a number across Martin Luther King's face and putting the KKK on the side--that is a little scary," Cathy Thomas said.

Cathy came across the note when she went outside Sunday morning to pick up her paper.  She wasn't the only one; several of her neighbors had the fliers too.

We reached out to Chesterfield police and were told that they have opened an investigation. Others in this Forest Lake community like Charles Burden are eagerly waiting to hear what police find out. He and his family are still in disbelief.

"It's technically free speech that someone could put out literature--it's pretty hateful.  I'm just hoping people themselves would change because it starts with the individual," Burden said.

The poster also accuses Dr. King of using money from his church to buy 'white prostitutes.'  We called the number listed on the flier and got no answer.  Instead there was a message with racial slurs backing up the information on the fliers.

Cathy Thomas says all this happening a day before King's holiday is sickening.

"It's unsettling and its scary," Thomas said.

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