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Propane shortage leads to high heating bills

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A statewide propane shortage is causing prices to skyrocket and the cost of heating your home is going up.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has issued a statewide energy emergency declaration to expedite propane shipments. The shortage is affecting 30 states in the U.S.

Perrysburg Township resident Lori Martinez says the rising costs are making it very difficult for her to heat her home.

"I have a little one and one on the way, so even if I want to keep it colder I can't because I have them," Martinez said. "It's not fun at the moment."

She says it usually costs her about $650-700 to fill the tank up, and that lasts about a month and a half. Her prices hover around $2.99 per gallon, but depending on your supplier, prices can vary by more than a dollar.

According to the Ohio Propane Gas Association, prices went up 32 cents per gallon last week. Officials say they don't know how high the prices will go, but issued the following statement:

"The OPGA is working at all levels to seek relief from the current distribution and infrastructure problems facing Ohioans and their fuel providers."

Workers at Reliance Energy in Toledo say they haven't seen a shortage like this in 14 years. They say most years they fill up on 5-7 loads of propane per week during the heating season, but this year, they're down to 2-3.

In the meantime, they encourage residents to do what they can to save on their heating costs.

"We're doing the things that we can, just bring space heaters in and turning it down low, but it's cold and we're paying so much money and it's still cold," Martinez said. "It's frustrating because the house is cold and you're going broke."

Martinez also says she is using her fireplace for heat. Other ways you can reduce your furnace use is by putting plastic over windows, using weather strips, insulating your attic and using thermal curtains.

Still cold? We have a slideshow with some helpful tips on how you can keep warm. See it here.

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