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Pass the Cash - January 22, 2014: Daughter drops everything to care for ailing father

Susan and Deborah Susan and Deborah
Deborah Deborah
Susan Susan
Susan's parents Susan's parents
Susan's father is a war veteran Susan's father is a war veteran

CHARLESTOWN, IN (WAVE) - Neither snow, nor ice, nor the bite of ridiculously freezing temperatures would keep us from passing the cash as we traveled to Charlestown, Indiana to meet Deborah Carroll Wednesday. Likewise, nothing would stop Deborah Carroll from doing all she could to help her childhood friend Susan.

"We've known each other for 43 years. We met at Jeffersonville High school. We were 14," Deborah said of their past. But now, "She has a 95-year-old father - war veteran. He's got Alzheimer's. They found a mass on his bladder."

With dementia, cancer, Alzheimer's and paranoia Susan's father has a list of problems, but only one person he can call on - Susan.

"She's asked for help.  Alls everybody says is they can't help.  They wish they could help," Deborah said.

Watching her father 24 hours a day is now Susan's job. The pay is great when she thinks of her father being safe but Deborah explained, "The water was leaking in the kitchen sink. She had to turn it off cause he kept turning it on. Flooded the kitchen a couple of times cause he doesn't know better."

Susan doesn't know where to get the cash or the help to fix the problems that are beginning to pile up. We headed her way with $400, thanks to an anonymous $100 donation, to see what we could do to help.

Susan was emotional was we passed her the cash and she opened up about her current situation.

"People don't know what it's like to care for somebody with Alzheimer's unless they've done it," she said.  "It was only suppose to be for 3 weeks. I've been here for 7 years."

The disease she knew nothing about is slowing taking away the father she did know.

"When I moved in here I had a mobile home, a car and a 39-year-old job and I gave it all up to move in with him," said Susan. "It's a full time job with him. About 4:30 in the afternoon they call it sun downers and he really gets bad."

No working sink, no help, no job and no smile. Because Susan is losing her smile and her teeth.

"My mother lost her teeth when she was 21. My dad lost his when he was 40," Susan said. "I'm losing mine it's embarrassing."

Susan has given up on the perfect smile, but what she won't give up on is her father.

"I do what I got to do. I love my dad," she said.

You should never lose your smile. Thanks to Springhurst Family Dentistry and Dr. David Shorten, they will be doing their best to take care of Susan and her teeth. She has no time or money to care for herself right now while she cares for her dad. Thank you Dr. Shorten.

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