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Campfield among TN lawmakers behind anti-snooping bill


Some Tennessee lawmakers are pushing to keep your personal information more private, even from the federal government.

They want to make it illegal for state workers to cooperate with blanket searches like the ones the NSA has been criticized about.

State Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, is one of the bill's sponsors and says if the federal government wants to do these blanket searches, Tennessee shouldn't have to foot the bill.

"What we're saying is the state should not be involved in helping facilitate that. We should not be pushing it. Listen, if you bring us a valid warrant for an individual or a specific reason there's something you're looking for, great. We're OK with that. But if you're saying, 'We're just going to scan everyone's phone calls, and we're going to keep track of it,' I don't think that's something the state should be involved in," Campfield said.

For more information on Senate Bill 1849, visit the Tennessee General Assembly website:

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