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Stock pile refills call for thousands of pounds of salt

Andrea Clifford Andrea Clifford

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – About 4,000 tons of salt look more like something you would see along the Rockies.

"It looks more like snow capped mountains," Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesperson, Andrea Clifford described.

Eight different counties will load up from the salt mountain this weekend as another winter storm strikes.

"We've gotten the works this year as compared to prior years," she said.

Those eight neighboring counties have used up almost 30,000 tons of salt for their state roads this year. Another 21,000 will be delivered Monday, salting the 2014 snow removal budget.

"We may have to reduce services on other things like tree trimming, brush removal, culvert replacements," Clifford explained.

It's the same story for Louisville Metro which has exhausted its $1.4 million budget. City officials said they've already gotten refills of salt this season and 7,000 more tons are on the way.

The state of Indiana spends an average of $33 million a year to treat the roads. This year it could be more, according to the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Drivers are also keeping their eyes on the road.

"I do look at the roads," Alicia Snordon said. "I look at the news to see what the weather prediction is," she said.

State crews are planning on working 12 hour shifts this weekend.

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