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Rescheduling postponed school sports poses challenges

Todd Satterly Todd Satterly

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The recent string of cold, and often icy winter weather has taken a toll on both school and game days throughout Kentuckiana. This winter, Jeffersonville High School Athletic Director Todd Satterly quickly became a scheduling, or rather, rescheduling guru.

"It's crazy because we haven't had this kind of weather in a number of years," said Satterly. "The only game that we have left to reschedule is the Columbus East [boys' basketball] game from this [past] Saturday."

The first year athletic director has had the task of helping reschedule nearly a dozen sporting events after weather posed travel risks and safety concerns beginning in December. While Satterly makes many calls, he said the decision to call off sporting events varies among school districts.

"Some school corporations around the area have a blanket policy that if they're not in school, then they don't participate," said Satterly.

In an email, Tracy Harris, director of communications for Oldham County Schools, said decisions are made by individual schools, with the cancellation of sporting events decided by athletic directors and principals. According to Harris, decisions are based on road conditions, parking lot conditions and factors like the ability for both players and fans to attend. Harris added that the decision to reschedule falls in the hands of coaches and athletic directors provided another match date and time works for both teams involved.

"Our policy is more on a case by case basis," said Satterly.

When staff, venue and date changes are taken into consideration, Satterly said rescheduling often poses challenges. Add to that fewer games for younger squads and conflicts created with conference match-ups, and you may end up with a situation that's not always win-win.

"If the only available date to play a conference game is on a non-conference event, then we're going to let that non-conference team know that we need to get in our conference game and then we'll just have to cancel that non-conference event," said Satterly. "We had to cancel two swimming tournaments. They were huge swimming tournaments and it would have really benefited our kids."

The Red Devil athletic director said he works hard to get around thwarting opportunities for student athletic achievement by opting to postpone instead of cancel events whenever possible.

"Ultimately it's about the kids," said Satterly. "We want the kids to have the opportunity to participate."

According to Satterly, rescheduling events is not done by popularity of sport, but rather by level with varsity events rescheduled first.

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