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Snow affects businesses in small town of Quinton


Business owners in Quinton tell NBC12 that for a second week snow is affecting their bottom line. However, it wasn't all bad news.

Rick's Stop-N-Shop in downtown Quinton was busier than usual Tuesday night. Folks were stopping at the convenience store/gas station to fill up their cars and purchase items that they need.

Not the usual staples like eggs, bread and milk but beer and lottery tickets.

"We're busy a lot of times but it seems to get busier when it snows," said store clerk Billy Fox.

New Kent resident Chaka Otey was heading home after hitting the Stop-N-Shop when we spoke with her. "I'm going to go home, relax, drink some beer and watch TV with my daughter," she said. 

Meanwhile, over at "Tantastic," owner Jennifer Carter says her day has been slower than usual. Few are venturing out on the snow-covered roads to go tanning and Carter expects profits won't be where they should. 

"We do lose a little bit of money when we have to close or if the snow is coming and we're open," said Carter. "We do lose a little bit."

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