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Disabled Kentuckians rally against budget cuts

Sharon Grant Sharon Grant

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - Disabled Kentuckians said Wednesday they weren't getting enough funding support from the state, vowing to support changes to the tax code to increase state revenue.

At least 100 people gathered in the state Capitol rotunda Wednesday to rally against possible budget cuts for social programs.

Kentucky's revenue has been nearly flat for several years, while the needs of 874,000 disabled Kentuckians continues to grow, supporters said.

"It's important that our most vulnerable citizens have a voice," said Sharon Grant, whose daughter Hayley is disabled. "I know my daughter has difficulty with social issues and interacting. I am her voice, and if I don't speak up for her, who will?"

Supporters asked for changes to Kentucky's tax code designed to bring in more revenue. They said the additional money should go toward disability programs.

Gov. Steve Beshear, who lobbied for tax code changes in two January speeches to lawmakers, has said he will unveil his proposal soon.

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