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Daughter of former councilwoman to run for District 1 seat

Jessica Green Jessica Green
Dr. Judy Green Dr. Judy Green
Councilwoman Attica Scott Councilwoman Attica Scott

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In her first run for office Jessica Green says she wants people to know her as Jessica, not Judy Green's daughter.

Green said she believes she can improve District 1. Meanwhile, Councilwoman Attica Scott, the current office holder, said she has taken measures to improve the district every day and will continue to.

As a council member Green said she would like to focus on crime and children. She said children need programs during the day and after school.

"Programs for children in the district and employment for children in the district. One of the other issues I want to focus on is crime," Green said. "That's a major issue for individuals who live in the district."

Green, who will run for the same position her mother was removed from in 2011 for an ethics violation, said jobs for the youth are important.

"Well there are other programs in the district that target specifically jobs for kids who may be underage and can't, they can't officially be jobs, but they can volunteer," Green said. "They can go places and kind of get stipends so you've got those kids in that age range of like 13 to 15."

Scott said she's made great progress in District 1 and wants to continue it.

"Addressing the abandoned and vacant properties in District 1," Scott said. "Getting folks jobs. We've provided funding to TARC for transportation to the Riverport for people in West Louisville for people who want to work in the Riverport area."

Ray Barker, the man that filed the complaint against Judy Green which led to her removal, has endorsed Jessica.

"I think what it says is I'm exactly what this district needs," Green said. "We have people in our community who are killing each other and I think that myself and Ray stepping together shows that we need is unity."

Councilwoman Scott said she thinks Barker's endorsement is a sign everyone is trying to move on from the past. She enjoys working for District 1 and wants to continue it.

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